Amy Husted and Audrey Wallace

Amy Husted and Audrey Wallace are wives, moms, friends, and co-founders of the sweet new parenting app, Komae Babysitting Exchange. Their journey began as two young moms who felt the pain that all parents feel - guilt, lack of freedom, and loss of self-care. They loved being with their kids and simultaneously longed for some free time to care for themselves, their side businesses, and their relationships. So they drew together 10 friends and started a babysitting swap. I sit for you, you sit for me, and we don’t pay for sitters anymore. After 1 year of watching their friends give and receive the care they needed, and saving a combined $10,000 in the process, Amy and Audrey knew they had uncovered the best parenting hack ever. They decided to turn it into an app so it can help parents everywhere. Komae was founded on the old saying “It takes a village to raise a child.” In fact, Komae means Village in Greek! Launching the app has been a long journey of ups and downs. Amy and Audrey find joy sharing their story to encourage others that have a dream that they want to launch into reality. It takes a village to do a lot of things in our lives!


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