Jennifer Millar

Jennifer Millar is an international teacher, group process facilitator and founder of the healing technique, “Cellular Transformation”. She has awakened the ability to bring through powerful transformational energies that source and dissolve pain and limitation at the cellular level. Jennifer contends that most of us walk around with the unresolved fear-based experiences from our past and our ancestors pasts, stored within our body as Cellular Memory. This subconscious baggage is often at the root of physical pain, emotional/mental disconnection, negative behavior patterns and feeling separate from our deepest self. Jennifer has been studying Cellular Memory, Epigenetics and the Universal Language of Energy for almost two decades, and has developed a very powerful healing method that permanently transforms epigenetic inheritance. A native of Northern Ireland, living in Austin, TX, Jennifer is now collaborating with medical doctors and graduates worldwide to bring awareness to the importance of working at the cellular level to permanently heal trauma.