Zo Flamerbaum

Zo was born in Haifa, Israel, and moved to Atlantic City, New Jersey, when she was four years old. Growing up she was the weird Israeli kid, which is why everyone calls her Zo instead of Zohar. Zo began working for the ice cream man when she was nine years old, and has since continued her career of exploring various ways to deliver happiness.
After graduating Monmouth University with a degree in business, Zo adventured to the Holy Land as a MASA intern. In 2010, she chose Tel Aviv as her new home, and remains grateful for the culture, opportunity, warmth, and energy which is present in Israel every day. During Year Three in Tel Aviv, Zo experienced a dark fall of loneliness, fear, and doubt. She knew there needed to be a natural way to feel happier and she discovered the science behind happiness. Zo founded School of Shine to share the practical and proven ways we can train our brains to create healthier habits for happier lives, and to connect a community of good women with good values and good vibes.
Zo and her team of passionate volunteers organize events for individual and community gain, such as wellness workshops, meaningful morning meetups, pop-up inspiration stations, eye contact experiences, community festivals and more. Each experience increases self-awareness and self-appreciation and inspires positive action. Zo also writes and performs motivational slam poetry and stories to share, express and provoke new perspectives on all things life and self love. 
Zo has inspired and empowered hundreds of women to connect with themselves, connect with community, and continue developing their inner strength and belief systems in order to lead their own purposeful lives. You can find her mostly on Instagram @school of shine or her favorite corner of the worldwide, schoolofshine.com.